Ontario Electrical Safety Code

The Electrical Safety Authority is designated by Ontario Regulation 89/99 as the responsible authority for purposes of section 113 of the Electricity Act, 1998 and regulations made thereunder. The only such regulation is Ontario Regulation 164/99 as amended by Ontario Regulation 10/02. This regulation adopts, by reference, the Canadian Electrical Code together with specific Ontario amendments and is referred to as the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (the OESC).

The Ontario Electrical Safety Code is primarily a technical document and it is prescriptive in approach. The OESC describes the standards for electrical installations in detail.

Risk associated with technical compliance can be decreased by taking appropriate measures to ensure that those who perform electrical work are qualified, competent and appropriately certified or licensed.

The Code is developed through the efforts of a number of committees representing electrical expertise and knowledge from across Canada and the U.S. The Ontario Electrical Safety Code is law in Ontario, and as such defines the legal requirements for safe electrical installations and products/equipment in Ontario. To ensure that the Code reflects changes in technologies, and responds to reports of electrical incidents, the Code is updated every three years. Changes to the Code are documented on an ongoing basis.

Ontario Electrical Safety Code, 25th Edition, 2012 (Effective May 1, 2012)
Previous editions of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (Archived)