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Carnival/Traveling Shows

Carnival/Traveling Shows and Events

Carnivals/ Travelling shows and special events are attended by many members of the public every year in Ontario. There is the potential for public exposure to safety risks at these events. The Electrical Safety Authority has been working with industry contacts and event organizers to create a higher level of awareness of the requirements for inspection.

If you are a carnival/travelling show operator or event organizer here’s what you need to know:

Definition of Requirements

Carnival and Travelling Show operators and event organizers must arrange to have rides and equipment inspected at every event to ensure they meet the safety standards defined in the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. We recommend that you take out your permit 6-8 weeks prior to your event.

 ESA Requirements:

  • Equipment must be certified or approved for use in Ontario and bear the mark of a recognized certification agency.
  • Applications or documentation must be filed for inspection of rides and booths for each show.
  • Defects identified must be corrected and re-inspected by ESA.

Newsletter: 2011 Carnival Inspection Requirements


How to Arrange for an Inspection of a Carnival/Travelling Show or Public Event

Please arrange for your electrical inspections by contacting the Electrical Safety Authority at 1-877-372-7233.

Carnival/Travelling Shows

Entertainment Industry Application Form - effective January 7, 2014

Entertainment Industry Application Form - effective January 7, 2014

For information on the Electrical Safety Authority’s Annual Inspection Program for Carnival/Travelling Show Operators e- mail carnival.travelling@electricalsafety.on.ca.

ESA Carnival Brochure:Carnival Brochure