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ESA Review Panel Roster

ESA Seeks Adjudicative and Industry Professionals to Sit on ESA Review Panel


As part of ESA’s review and modernisation of its appeals process, ESA is expanding and diversifying ESA’s Review Panel Roster. We are seeking individuals with adjudicative experience as well as members with expertise in relevant industries regulated by ESA, including product safety, licensing and certification, utilities, standards, and the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

Required skills and qualifications - Review Panel Member Position Description and Qualifications

For more on what you can expect as a member of a Review Panel, see ESA Review Panel Job Posting.

How to apply:

The deadline for submission is December 7, 2018. Interested applicants should send their cover letter and résumé to

Any inquiries regarding the selection process or the Review Panel should be directed to the Appeals Coordinator at


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Roles and Responsibilities of the Review Panel Roster


Ontario Regulation 187/09 establishes a process to accept and hear appeals related to the issuance of licensing Decisions rendered by the Director of Licensing and Orders issued by Statutory Directors pertaining to Part VIII of the Electricity Act and associated regulations (including: the Ontario Electrical Safety Code ("OESC"), the Electrical Distribution Safety Regulation (O. Reg. 22/04), and the Product Safety Regulation (O. Reg.438/07)

Following the passage of the Appeals regulation, the ESA established a transparent appeals process that can be utilized by those subject to ESA Orders or Licensing decisions. Those who have been issued a Notice of Proposal by the Director of Licensing and Certification may file an appeal to review the decision.  Individuals who have received an Order or Notice of Defect issued by the Authority also have the ability to request a review of the Order or Notice of Defect. 

Brief Overview of the Review Panel Roster Function
The Review Panel Roster is an independent panel of cross-sector, industry and external representatives reflective of areas in product safety, licensing and certification, utilities, standards, and the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

In order to establish a Review Panel, a Notice of Appeal before the Review Panel must be filed with the ESA’s Director of Appeals. Once established, a Review Panel would hear matters related to the decision(s) made by a Director regarding a Notice of Proposal or an Order issued by ESA.  

Members of the Review Panel are responsible for hearing appeals filed pursuant to the Safety and Consumer Statutes Administration Act and associated Regulation 187/09 regarding decisions rendered by ESA’s Statutory Directors.

When the Director of Appeals receives a Notice of Hearing before the Review Panel in Step 2of the appeals process, he/she will select up to three members from the roster who are able to participate in a hearing.  The Review Panel must be established and a Hearing set within 25 days of a complete application being filed with the Director of Appeals.

Please note: When a Review of an ESA Order before the Review Panel has been granted by the Director of Appeals, a ‘stay’ is put on the Order under review pending the outcome of the review, with the exception of points (1) and (2) below. The Review Panel, upon receiving the Request for Review, may require compliance with the Order that is under review without a hearing:

  1. Where there is an immediate threat to public safety or the safety of any person; and
  2. Will require the electrical installation that is under review, not to be concealed or rendered inaccessible until it conforms to the Electrical Safety Code or Electrical Distribution Safety Regulation.

Composition of the Review Panel Roster 
Depending on the nature of the appeal, every effort is made to ensure that at least one panel member is a representative from that particular area that is being appealed. Based on similar principles from the Canadian Standards Association model code, when nominations are reviewed, ESA makes every effort to ensure that the Review Panel Roster is made up of a variety of backgrounds and has a balanced representation of members from areas in product safety, licensing and certification, utilities, standards and the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

Members of the Review Panel Roster are not ESA employees, but  are respected members from various industries that help shape a culture of safety within Ontario.

A specified number of Review Panel Roster members will consist of representatives of organizations and individuals that include:

  • Electrical contractors
  • Representatives of local distribution companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Retired ESA employees (inspectors/operations/regulatory affairs) who have not been actively employed with ESA for a minimum of 5 years
  • Master electricians, and Certified electrical technicians or technologists (CET)
  • Standards organizations
  • Product certification representatives
  • Contracting company owners
  • Professional engineers
  • Members of professional organizations that relate to the electricity sector
  • Retailers
  • Members of the Regulatory community
  • Individuals with relevant knowledge and expertise


Members of the Review Panel Roster


Current Review Panel Members

Tim Pope C.E.T., Code & Standards, CSA
Gary Rygus Industry Representative Director, Retail Council of Canada
Robert G. (Bob) Lake P. Eng., Electrical Utilities
Michel Bourassa   Code & Standards Representative Director, Standards Council of Canada
Ted Whitworth Consumer Representative
Shelly Cunningham P. Eng., Electrical Utilities
Robert (Bob) Brownie     Electrical Contractor
Klass Degroot Regulatory Sector, Electrical Utilities
Mel Fruitman Manufacturers Representative
William (Bill) Schwartz C.E.T., Electrical Utilities