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Powerline Safety Campaign

ESA's spring Powerline Safety campaign launches May 16, 2016. Powerline Safety Week logoThe campaign targets consumers and workers with a message to "Respect the Power" to ensure Ontarians are aware of the risks powerlines pose at work, at home and in their communities. 

24 Ontarians have died from powerline contacts in 10 years. And although this number has decreased, even one injury or fatality is too many. We still have work to do in building awareness and educating about powerline safety at home and on-the-job we can eliminate these tragic incidents.



ESA’s 2016 Powerline Safety Week campaign builds on last year’s successful #RespectThePower campaign. It includes compelling digital and television advertising targeting both construction workers and homeowners; social media content aimed at educating Ontarians on the risks associated with above ground and underground powerlines; and a collaboration with Local Distribution Companies to help spread the powerline safety message.

Dump trucks at construction sites remain a significant powerline contact concern to ESA. Incidents involving dump trucks doubled from 2009 to 2014. To address this, ESA is deploying a street team as part of this year’s campaign to Ontario construction sites. The team will connect directly with front line workers, answering their questions and highlighting key safety precautions to take around powerlines on construction sites.

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New for this year’s campaign, ESA has developed a powerline safety photo filter for use on social media sites. A filter is applied to a user’s profile photo to help express support for a specific cause or individual/organization.

We invite you to apply the #RespectThePower filter directly to your social media profile photo. You can also share ESA’s photo filter with your contacts and friends to encourage support for the campaign. Together, we can demonstrate our commitment to powerline safety.

It’s as easy as clicking on this link:

Occupational ad - #RespectThePower at Work

High voltage powerlines are unforgiving and lethal. See a reenactment of a powerline accident on a construction site with a precisely built 1:6 scale model.

Consumer ad - #RespectThePower at Home

The consumer ad shows what happens to a homeowner when a simple chore like removing leaves from an eavestrough turns into a life-changing event. Powerlines are unforgiving and lethal.

See the exact moment in time when a homeowner inadvertently moved his extension ladder into the path of an overhead powerline. This video shows the true power of powerlines, and the devastating consequences of coming into contact with them.


Respect the Power: Learn more about powerline safety



Powerline Deadly Dozen (2014)

play the deadly dozenThere’s a serial killer on the loose in Ontario, Code Name: Deadly Dozen. The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) needs your help!  In the past decade, 75 unsuspecting Ontarians have died or been seriously injured at the hands of this killer. We won’t be safe until the serial killer’s modus operandi is revealed and the outstanding 12 cases are solved.

View the case files and learn how to stay safe around powerlines by visiiting



Other Powerline Safety Materials

VIDEO: Your Life is on the Line


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Powerline Safety Week - Dumptruck Ad