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ESA Electrical Distribution Safety Regulation

The introduction of an Electrical Distribution Safety Regulation in Ontario in 2004 resulted in a new role of overseer for the Electrical Safety Authority. To support the introduction of this important safety regulation the Electrical Safety Authority introduced a comprehensive process to ensure an industry-supported implementation.

A Utility Advisory Council comprised of 30 representatives from Local Distribution Companies, and 7 Working Subcommittees have developed guidelines for industry operation to meet the safety requirements defined in the regulation.

The regulation was developed following a recommendation from the Electrical Safety Authority to assess and develop a discussion paper on the impact of the restructuring of the electricity industry to a self-regulation model and the associated impact on ensuring high levels of public electrical safety. Following the presentation of a discussion paper, and a consultation process that solicited feedback from industry, consumers and stakeholders, the Ontario Government approved the Electrical Distribution Safety Regulation.

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