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Ontario Electrical Safety Code, 26th Edition 2015

Current Edition: Ontario Electrical Safety Code (26th Edition/ 2015) - Effective May 5, 2016

ESA has collaborated with its safety partners to produce a new edition of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (Code). The 2015 Code came into effect as regulation on May 5, 2016. Electrical work conducted after May 5, 2016 needs to meet its requirements.

The 2015 edition of the Ontario Code –which includes the Canadian Electrical Code Part 1 plus several Ontario-specific amendments – reflects changes in technology and the marketplace, an incorporates feedback from stakeholders, technical reviews and new safety insights.

This year, ESA is excited to partner with CSA Group to offer the Code book and all ESA bulletins – which provide important updates and interpretations – together for one price and at a significantly reduced rate from prior years. It is available in print for $219, PDF for $195, or a searchable, digital format for $195 (pre-order) – accessible on smart phones, tablets and desktops and compatible with Windows and iOS. (Please note: bulletins are available electronically. After purchasing the Code book, register at CSA Communities to access the bulletins online.)

Order your hard copy or PDF version of the Code today!

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The CSA group is the primary distributor for the Ontario Electrical Safety Code for both the 2012 and 2015 editions.


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