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Ontario Electrical Safety Code 27th Edition

Please be advised that an unintended omission from the Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code) has been identified. Due to this oversight, ESA is reinstating the existing Ontario Electrical Safety Code version of Rule 10-808 in its Recommendation to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. It is included as Rule 10-611 Installation requirements for bonding conductors.

Rationale: During the CE Code approval process led by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Rule 10-808 (installation requirements for bonding conductors) was unintentionally excluded from the final Section 10 approval document at the national level (CSA).  

During the development of the 2018 Edition of the CE Code, Section 10 was rewritten and reconfigured in an intuitive and user-friendly format. During this process, Rule 10-808 was unintentionally excluded in the final version and, as a result, the CE Code 2018 (national-level) does not contain the safety requirements related to the installation of bonding conductors. 

This Rule was originally introduced in the CE Code in 1972 and has evolved over time as required.  The Rule was initially introduced to set important safety requirements regarding the installation of equipment bonding conductors.

CSA is taking steps to correct this unintended omission through a proposal to restore this requirement for CE Code 2021. In the meantime, to mitigate risks associated with this gap in guidance, ESA has included the 2015 version of Rule 10-808 in the CE Code as an Ontario-specific amendment.

Rule 10-808 has been renumbered to Rule 10-611 in the 2018 Ontario Electrical Safety Code.


Consultation Feedback

ESA thanks all stakeholders who submitted comments and feedback during the public consultation for Ontario Amendment (OA) proposals.

The below resolution sheet reflects the comments received along with resolution. The revised proposal drafts are based on ESA’s review of the feedback received during the public consultation and discussion with Ontario Provincial Code Committee (OPCC).

OESC 27th Edition: Public Consultation Feedback and Resolution

Once the overall adoption of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC) “27th edition” is endorsed by ESA’s Board of Directors, The proposed changes will be submitted to the provincial Government for review and approval.

ESA is recommending to the provincial Government that the OESC 27th edition come into effect May 2019.


Risk-Based Oversight (RBO) Online Consultation

ESA held town hall consultations in spring 2017 about ESA’s move to Risk-Based Oversight or “RBO”, for electrical wiring by 2020. An online consultation took place Monday April 23 – Friday May 25, 2018. 


Past Consultations


Consultation/Working Group Date
Licensing of Electrical Contractors and Master Electricians (Regulation 570/05) April 2017
Electrical Distribution Safety Regulation 22/04 April 2017
2017 Wiring Fee Adjustment July 2016
Exploring an Amendment to the Electrical Distribution Safety Regulation July 2016
Five-Year Licensing Renewal January 2016
Public Electrical Safety Awareness Survey November 2015
2015 Community Powerline Safety Summit June 2015
2016 Wiring Fee Adjustment June 2015
Public Electrical Safety Measure on LDC Scorecard March 2015 
Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC) 26th Edition March 2015
2015 Wiring Fee Adjustment July 2014
Harm Reduction Strategy 2.0 August 2014
2013/2014 Changes to Wiring Services Fees and Licensing Fees October 2012    
Proposed changes to Rule 2-005 - 2012  August 2011
Proposed Ontario Technical Amendments - 2012 August 2011 



The proposed changes will be submitted to the provincial Government’s for review and approval.  ESA is recommending to the provincial government that the OESC 27th edition come into effect May 2019.

ESA thanks all stakeholders who submitted comments and feedback during the public consultation for Ontario Amendment (OA) proposals. If you have any questions, please contact