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2014 Consumer Research Results

In 2014, ESA surveyed Ontarians to help better understand consumers’ attitudes toward and awareness of electrical safety, and their perception of risk. Further to this research was an exploration of the factors that influence behaviour and awareness.

The consumer study results showed that Ontarians fall into five broad categories when it comes to electrical safety attitudes and behaviour. Key findings like this provide ESA with additional insights to help evolve its safety messaging.

ESA is pleased to share the consumer survey results:

2014 Consumer Research Findings


2013 Licenced Electrical Contractor Survey

In early 2013, ESA surveyed Licensed Electrical Contractors (LEC); the first major survey with this group since 2009.

The purpose of the survey was to obtain feedback on LEC's interaction with ESA, obtain insight into their views on major safety issues, and explore best practices and preferences for communicating with ESA.

ESA is pleased to share the results of the survey.

2013 LEC Survey Results


2010 LDC Survey Results

 In early 2011, the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) undertook a survey of Ontario's Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) to ensure the development of effective and collaborative safety relationships with this key stakeholder group. Working with the findings presented by Environics Research Group, ESA has identified eight key recommendations to enhance our inspection service offering, streamline compliance processes, fulfill our public safety role, and enhance collaboration with LDCs.

ESA is currently sharing the survey findings and our recommendations to respond.

Electrical Safety Authority Local Distribution Companies Survey - Stakeholder Survey: Executive SummaryElectrical Safety Authority Local Distribution Companies Survey - Stakeholder Survey: Full ReportElectrical Safety Authority 2011 LDC Stakeholder Survey – Key Findings, Assessment & Response


Stakeholder Engagement Report

In September 2008, the ESA’s Board of Directors engaged Singer & Watts Management Consulting to conduct an independent review of our current stakeholder engagement processes and mechanisms. The goal of this review was to recommend to the Board of Directors how to improve Stakeholder Engagement within ESA by considering:

  • the experiences of ESA stakeholders;
  • the needs of ESA in light of our vision and mandate; and
  • a review of stakeholder engagement practices

Since presenting the draft report for comment in February 2009, input has been received from stakeholders representing a broad cross section of interests. This feedback was reviewed by the consultant prior to the final recommendations being presented to the Board of Directors and some changes have been made based on that input. Copies of all the submissions were also provided directly to the Board of Directors for its consideration.

Thank you to all participants who took the time to read the draft report and provided insight and comments. This input has been valuable and led to a more thoughtful set of final recommendations.

As part of the feedback, some comments were raised regarding the ECRA board. At this time the Chair of the Regulatory Affairs Committee will be taking steps to address the comments raised.

Stakeholder engagement is an important aspect of the ESA’s values and operational practices and is embedded in ESA’s culture. The feedback received in this report demonstrates a sincere dedication and desire in working together to resolve outstanding issues and realize ESA’s long term vision of an Ontario free of electrical fatalities and serious injury, damage or loss.

All recommendations in the report have been approved by the Board of Directors. ESA management will now move ahead with implementing the recommendations.

Final Report:

A copy of the final report and a summary of all comments can be found below:

Final ReportSummary of CommentsESA - Stakeholder Engagement Review - Final Report

Implementation Plan

ESA has committed to implementing all 20 of the recommendations contained in the Stakeholder Engagement Review. The review was split into two parts:

  • 13 general recommendations related to ESA’s stakeholder engagement practices;
  • 7 recommendations specifically related to the functioning of the Electrical Contractor Registration Agency (ECRA) Council and the Contractor Advisory Council (CoAC).

A detailed work plan has been created to address the 13 general recommendations, the majority of which will be implemented prior to March 31, 2010. The ESA Board of Directors is implementing the recommendations specific to ECRA and CoAC.

ESA has created a Stakeholder Liaison function to develop and implement strategies for engaging external stakeholders and safety partners in achieving ESA’s vision. The function will be led by a Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement and Communications, to be appointed in the next fiscal year. In the meantime, the Stakeholder Liaison group operates within the Regulatory Affairs portfolio.

To date, the Stakeholder Liaison group has:

  • reported back to stakeholders regarding ESA’s commitment to the current Advisory Council structure and provided the feedback received during the consultation period; and
  • created a new stakeholder engagement specialist position to provide administrative support to the Advisory Councils and reinforce consistency across the council structure.

The bulk of the 13 general recommendations focus on increased coordination and planning, ways to ensure greater consistency across councils, and greater transparency. 

Increased Consistency

The Stakeholder Engagement Review noted a number of inconsistencies across ESA’s Advisory Council and working group structure. As part of a broader stakeholder engagement plan, ESA will be working to develop Council policies and documents that consistently reflect best practices as well as ESA’s Stakeholder Engagement Principles. These will be posted on the ESA website once ratified, and will include:

  • a simplified Terms of Reference for each Council;
  • a policy regarding the terms of Council members;
  • a consistent approach to providing recommendations or motions for ESA’s consideration;
  • a policy on funding available to offset expenses incurred by Council members; and
  • a transparent process for selecting and renewing Council membership.

Cross-Sector Meeting

Per a recommendation made by the Stakeholder Engagement Review, current Advisory Council Chairs and Vice Chairs will be invited to meet as a cross-sector group in early March. ESA envisions an open discussion on the sort of topics that can usefully be addressed by this group. Next steps (Terms of Reference, meeting frequency, potential work plan) can be determined based on the results of this initial meeting.

A secondary objective of this meeting is to review revised policy documents stemming from other recommendations contained within the Stakeholder Engagement Review. These draft documents will be made available in advance, and feedback will be canvassed at the meeting. The intent would be to then present these proposals to each Council for their feedback, and to determine what individualized changes may be required. Once finalized, the policy documents will be made available to all stakeholders through the Stakeholder Engagement section of ESA’s website.

Increased Transparency

A stakeholder engagement section/tab of the website is being designed to serve as a window into stakeholder engagement at ESA.  It will enhance the current content on the website regarding the Advisory Councils (agendas, presentations, limited versions of minutes/motions) as well as more general documents (stakeholder engagement principles, regulatory governance principles, and stakeholder engagement strategy). This section will appear on the website prior to March 31, 2010.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

ESA has committed to placing significantly increased emphasis on stakeholder engagement planning going forward. The creation of a publicly-accessible stakeholder engagement strategy document will outline ESA’s plans and processes to be followed with respect to conducting engagement activities and developing a culture of accountability, transparency, traceability and openness across the organization. ESA expects to release this document during the next fiscal year, and it will be posted on the stakeholder engagement section of the website.

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