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ESA-SPEC-001-R4 Guidelines for Entertainment Industry Luminaires Download
ESA-SPEC-002-R1 Animal Stunner Guidelines Download
ESA-SPEC-003-R7 Film, Television, Live Performance and Event Electrical Guidelines Download
ESA-SPEC-004-00 Electrical Guidelines for Inverter-Based Micro-Generating Facility Download
ESA-SPEC-005-R3 Process Guideline for the Installation of Parallel Generating Systems (Greater than 10 kW) Download
N/A Guidelines for the Design, Installation, Operation & Maintenance of Street Lighting Assets (Version 2) Download


Other Guidelines


Farmer’s Guide to Basic Troubleshooting of On-Farm Stray Voltage

Tree Planting

Tree Trimming

Checklist: Homeowner Tree Trimming & Planting