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What we offer mines


  • Continuous Safety Services
    The ESA Mining Services Group provides a number of services to ensure continuous safety of your mine site. We also offer our clients equipment field evaluation and safety training as a means of ensuring continued long-term electrical safety for their worksites.
  • Facility Review
    There are numerous benefits and advantages to having your facility reviewed by the ESA Mining Services Group. Our reviews serve to identify conditions that are dangerous to employees and properties, and help to reduce electrical system risk. Facility Reviews also satisfy health and safety standards regarding safe workplaces. There is a possibility of lower insurance risk ratings.
  • Periodic Inspections
    Periodic inspections will help maintain the integrity of your electrical systems. Not only would this help minimize system failures and fines under mining regulations, but it will also save you time and money.
  • Code Advice and Consultation
    Our Code Advice and Consultation services ensure that you are doing everything reasonable for the protection of your workers. With daily access to a mining technical advisor, you will be able to stay current on changes that affect your installations and will gain an improved understanding of the rationale and intent of the application safety codes and standards. Access to this service will reduce your liability and ensure that your systems do not pose a hazard to your workers. It will also allow you to engineer and install an electrical system that meets the most current standards.
  • Field Evaluations
    The ESA Mining Services Group field evaluations are done on-site and will identify hazardous electrical equipment and improve your system reliability. This will satisfy mining regulations regarding equipment approval and reduce the likelihood of injuries, fatalities, downtime and lost revenue.
  • Seminars and workshops
    ESA Mining Services Group seminars and workshops will increase your awareness of electrical hazards and improve the skill set of your technical workers. This will help improve your system integrity by reducing installed defects and will augment the skills and awareness of your workers.
  • Engineered Plan Review
    Engineered plan reviews will identify deviations from its applicable codes minimum standards, reducing the possibility of costly change orders from the contractors. Building a better electrical system will reduce the downtime and lost revenue of your operation by keeping cost overruns to a minimum.
  • Inspections of New Work
    The ESA Mining Services Group’s inspection of new work will ensure your compliance with applicable electrical safety codes and guidelines. It will also help you maintain the integrity of your electrical system and increase the quality assurance of any new electrical installations that occur. This will help you obtain a better run time and will save you time and money.


Mining Safety Training


VALE Powerline Safety Awareness

Electrical Safety Awareness for Mines and Mining Plants

Motors in Mines and Mining Plants

Protection and Controls in Mines and Mining Plants

Regulations for Mines and Mining Plants

Transformers in Mines and Mining Plants

Introduction to CSA Z462-08 Workplace Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Installations in Mines and Mining Plants

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Certain types of electrical wiring work are non-regulatory services offered by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). More information about these services...