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Street Lighting Assets

In August 2009, the Electrical Safety Authority held a symposium on public safety concerns with respect to street lighting. An important outcome of this symposium was the creation of a committee of stakeholders to draft a Guideline for asset owners to help ensure public safety. In March 2011, the committee completed the first version of the Guidelines for the Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Street Lighting Assets.

In October 2014, the Committee reconvened to address non-code compliant legacy installations identified during the process of replacing existing lighting to more efficient LED lighting.  Issues, such as the system not bonded to ground, were addressed and discussed.

In May 2015, the Committee approved the revised Guidelines for the Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Street Lighting Assets based on discussions held during the October 2014 meeting.

ESA reminds Ontario municipalities of their responsibility under the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC) to maintain their street lighting assets and inspect for potential hazards that may pose a risk to the public and their pets. This Guideline could be used to assist your organization with the maintenance of your street light assets.

View the revised Guidelines below:

Guidelines for the Design, Installation, Operation & Maintenance of Street Lighting Assets (Version 2)

To view the presentations from the Street Lighting Symposium held December 7, 2011 introducing the new Guidelines to Stakeholders, please choose one of the links below:

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