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Who Can Do Electrical Work at Home?

Electrical work can be done in a home by the homeowner, occupant or LEC.

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Homeowners and occupants* of a home in Ontario can do their own electrical work. That comes with responsibilities and risks.  If you choose to do the work yourself, ensure it is done according to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code

*An occupant is: 1) someone living in a residence or using premises, as a tenant or owner. 2) a person who takes possession of property which has no known owner, intending to gain ownership.

If you decide to do any electrical work yourself, there are some essential things you need to know. Follow the law and do it right – otherwise your renovation dream could turn into a nightmare. To learn more about what you should consider as you plan your renovation, visit

Make sure you know the Four Important Steps to a Safe Installation!


A Licensed Electrical Contractor 

Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC). Wiring is complicated and mistakes can be serious. An LEC understands the safety requirements associated with electrical installations. Installing electrical wiring, new fixtures, or outlets and other similar projects are best left to professionals who have the expertise, equipment and training to do the job safely. 

A Licensed Electrical Contractor is also legally authorized to perform electrical work in someone's home or business in Ontario. Remember to confirm the contractor has a valid ESA/ECRA licence.
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A Licensed Electrical Contractor:

  • Is fully insured to protect customers
  • Employs only certified electricians
  • Arranges electrical permits and inspections
  • Can provide a Certificate of Inspection 

Learn more about Hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor.