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Hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor

What exactly is a Licensed Electrical Contractor? Do you just mean “electrician”?

In Ontario, any business that offers or performs electrical work must be licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority. The Licensed Electrical Contractor employs qualified electricians and a designated master electrician, and must abide by the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, and other applicable laws. The Licensed Electrical Contractor must also meet other obligations related to conducting electrical work, including supervision, administration and safety requirements.

How do I tell the difference between someone who is a qualified electrician versus a Licensed Electrical Contractor?

Always ask for their electrical contractor’s licence number from ECRA/ESA. It should be on their business card, estimate and their vehicle. Also, make sure to get an ESA Certificate of Inspection when the electrical work is complete, for your records.

You can verify and/or find a Licensed Electrical Contractors in Ontario using ESA’s contractor locator tool using the 'search by contractor' function.

Find a Licensed Electrical Contractor in my Area

Licensed Electrical Contractors (LEC) are the only businesses in Ontario legally authorized to do electrical work in your home.

Always ask for an ESA/ECRA licence number to make sure you’re choosing the right electrical contractor. And if you’re using a general contractor or other trade professional who subcontracts the electrical, the work always needs to be completed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor. Ask your general contractor, check the status of the person working in your home or find a Licensed Electrical Contractor here.


It's the Safest Decision to Make

There are many electrical dangers in your home that can put you and your loved ones at risk.

Electrical work is dangerous and always best left to a Licensed Electrical Contractor with the expertise, equipment and training to do the job safely. Hiring the wrong person for the job can result in major property damage, or even loss of life. You may know someone who can do the work cheap, but consider the real cost if something went wrong.

All Licensed Electrical Contractors:

  • are fully insured
  • will arrange permits
  • are qualified to perform the type of electrical work you require
  • can offer a Certificate of Inspection
  • can provide references


Insured for Your Protection

Did you know that: if you hire an unlicensed electrician and they get hurt on the job, you’re responsible? And, if an insurance claim can be traced back to work that was performed by an unlicensed electrician, your claim may be denied.

Only Licensed Electrical Contractors are insured to protect you. They’ll arrange electrical permits and inspections, and provide a Certificate of Inspection for your insurance company, giving you peace of mind.


Know the Difference

It’s easy to believe that if your electrician or handyman has experience working on electrical projects, then they’re qualified for your job. Or, if your general contractor recommends them, you’ll be fine. But the simple fact is that electrical mistakes can be costly and deadly. That’s why permits are required for things as “simple” as pot light installations. Be careful who you let into your home to perform electrical work. Click here for tips on how to spot an unlicensed electrical contractor or here to find one in your area licensed to do the work.


For the LEC Authorized Contractor Program click here.

Find a Licensed Electrical Contractor in my Area