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bio-hazard warningHealth and Safety Requirements

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has health and safety requirements for personnel to enter a facility that has been used as a Marijuana Grow House Operation and/or Clandestine Laboratory, or where there are mould issues due to flooding, housekeeping issues etc. The building owner, or their agent, is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of ESA personnel while they are in a building that has been used for controlled substances or has a mould issue.

Prior to the property owner or agent filing an ESA Application for Inspection, the property owner must employ the services of one of the following:

  • Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
  • Registered Occupational Hygienist (ROH)
  • Registered Occupational Hygienist Technician (ROHT)
  • Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)
  • Professional Engineer to conduct Biological, Chemical and Mould testing 

They must submit a declaration to ESA that the building does not pose a risk of biological or chemical hazard. The declaration must be provided directly to ESA by a third party, not the party performing the remedial work. The declaration must be accompanied by a supporting document providing the information in the forms attached below.

The ESA Forms can be submitted to ESA one of the following ways:



Grow Operation_Mould Reporting Forms- Rev. 2 Jan 2014 - HS3011


Professional Listings 

Following are links to Professional Listings of persons or agencies that may conduct the required testing in compliance with ESA’s Health and Safety requirements. It is the responsibility of the facility owner to confirm that ESA requirements can be met prior to engaging the services of a person or agency.

CRBOH - Canadian Registration Board Occupational HygienistsDirectory of Consultants in Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety - 2007 Public Database Search for Persons Certified for the Practice of Industrial Hygiene by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene BCRSP - Board of Canadian Registered Safety ProfessionalsAIHA Laboratory Accreditation Process