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image of a renovated basement 
Photo by Leslie Goodwin Photography | Design by Sage Design Studio Inc.

Homeowners on the hunt for more square footage are rescuing their lower levels to create a space the whole family can enjoy. Turning a basement into a stylish, practical space that meets the demands of modern living doesn’t have to be daunting.

The first step is to map out distinct zones for the activities that matter most. With the right plan you can add a cozy extra bedroom for visiting in-laws, the ultimate home theatre for movie nights, kid-friendly rooms that inspire play, and even a luxurious laundry room with plenty of hanging and folding space if that’s your dream. When it comes to storage, the lower level of your home is typically a wealth of unused nooks and crannies, which can be creatively reimagined.

Basements frequently get a bad rap for being dank, dark and cold — whether it’s a humid summer or a bone-chilling winter. To keep this subterranean space feeling warm and comfortable all year round, consider practical additions such as in-floor heating, a flexible lighting plan and a dehumidification system. These elements will contribute to making your basement a comfortable, relaxing space.  

Lighten Up 

Small, below grade windows won’t combat limited natural lighting, but there are some things you can do to improve a basement’s overall level of brightness. If you have some natural lighting and want to enhance it, consider a pale, warm colour scheme with plenty of yellow undertones. Enhance the effect with layered lighting: ambient overhead lighting, directed task lighting and soft, decorative lighting. Pot lights are a great ambient option for the basement, but make sure you’re using the right ones. For instance, ceilings with soundproofing require pot lights made for insulated spaces — important if you want to prevent overheating and a potential fire. Task lighting will brighten up a home office nook or crafting station. Start your lighting and electrical planning early and make sure to work with a qualified design professional and Licensed Electrical Contractor.


light bulb idea/tip

Dimmer switches help create just the right mood if you’re using your basement space for late night TV watching or entertaining. LED lighting can be a bit trickier to dim, so make sure to talk to your Licensed Electrical Contractor about your best options.



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