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Hidden Conveniences



hidden conveniences in the bathroom 


Clutter is a visual disrupter of the peace and quiet most homeowners say they crave when it comes to designing a dream spa-like bathroom. Modern, on-trend bathrooms are all about hidden conveniences like hiding hair dryers, shavers (and their cords!), other electrical items and outlets inside cabinetry. But it is important to know that outlets enclosed within cabinetry require a special interlocking switch that turns off the power when the door is closed to prevent any overheating and potentially a fire. Always ensure the electrical products used are approved for use in Canada.

In-floor heating, which turns cold tile to cozy warmth, pampers your feet especially during winter’s coldest months. And the good news? It’s now quite affordable. As with other warming devices like towel warmers and heated toilet seats, it will be important for your Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC) to review all manufacturers' installation requirements in advance. Installation instructions vary depending on the product used. You’ll also want to talk to your design professional and LEC to ensure the placement of the corresponding wall thermostat is practical without impeding your design. The wall thermostat has to be at least 1 metre from a bathtub or shower stall, or be GFCI protected if within 1 metre. It can never be less than 500 mm away. Your LEC is required to know these specifications. 


hidden outlets 
Photo courtesy of Jeri Kegel


If you have outlets that are within 1.5 metres of the sink, shower or bath tub they will also require Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection.

Any time you mix electrical power and water there are important electrical safety requirements to consider. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you’re hiring the right professionals to do the work. 



 Many people prefer drawers rather than doors to store bathroom accessories. Pull-out surfaces are much easier to access than doors, which allow items to accumulate in the back, dark corners.  And don’t forget about the need for the door interlock switch if your drawers are going to contain outlets!



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