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Spa Ensuite



spa ensuite  Design by Beauparlant Design


These days you can create spa-like luxury in your bathroom without breaking the bank.

The spa shower is one example. Today’s showers have gotten larger to accommodate plenty of room for toiletries and even a bench for grooming needs. Although the look of a clean, white tile will never go out of style, luxury tile options in bolder colours, textures and designs are an in-demand trend that can be used on all the shower walls or limited to a feature wall to save money. Multiple jet sprayers, easily dialled to different preferences, are now accessible to everyone. If you want to take it one step further, steam showers and jetted tubs can really add to that spa-like experience. These often have additional power requirements that might mean increasing your conductor or breaker size, so make sure to talk to your Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC) about this early in the planning process.


spa shower


Your spa-inspired shower will benefit from flexible, specialized lighting as well. Since it is exposed to water and moisture, shower lighting has special electrical requirements by law. You’ll need to buy lighting that is marked “suitable for wet locations” right on the packaging and on the light itself. The same is the case for an exhaust fan or a fan/light combination above your bath or shower. Look for “suitable for ceiling installation over tub or shower” right on the product.


spa ensuite towel warmer


Towel warmers are another way to add that extra touch to your spa ensuite, and even toilets have gone high-tech with no-touch flushing and seat warmers. If you plan to install these devices, you’ll need to work with your LEC early in the planning stages to identify electrical needs such as additional circuits or power sources. It will be important for your LEC to review any and all manufacturers' installation requirements to help keep your family safe. These installation instructions vary depending on the product used.

If your spa ensuite has all the bells and whistles, you’ll also want to consider a dedicated circuit for your bathroom to help avoid any electrical strain on other areas of the home (particularly when there are multiple hair styling tools plugged in at once!).


Geometric tiles are the latest rage in bathroom design. If you are opting for bold pattern on the floors or walls, you’ll want to increase lighting to ensure you have the best look for day and night time. You can also experiment with natural materials such as wood timbers, teak flooring and real marble for countertops.



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