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image of a modern kitchen Photo courtesy of Donna Griffith Photography

It’s finally time to renovate the kitchen. You’ve been saving design magazines and Pinterest images for months. You and your spouse agree on the big-ticket items — induction cooktop, stainless refrigerator, marble countertops. You even agree on style and no doubt you’ll figure out how to compromise on his desire for a big screen TV and your need for an electronics-free zone. With your dream kitchen envisioned, it’s time to turn to practical matters such as planning and safety. You may be surprised at all the electrical considerations you need to take into account, so planning is going to be the key to making your renovation dream a reality.

Take the big ticket items, for instance. Your major appliances each need a dedicated outlet, and if you’ve been dreaming about that hard-wired espresso maker or a Sub-Zero fridge, you may need to upgrade your electrical. If you’re considering adding a television, double oven or a boiling water tap to your dream kitchen, they may require additional circuits as well. These are all items you’ll want to ask your Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC) about.

Electrical and lighting plans are important parts of a professional drawing package – in addition to your floor and elevation plans. Of course, you’ll want to select key plumbing and light fixtures, and coordinate finishes. Will the antique bronze cabinet pulls work with the brushed nickel faucet? How will the stone floors in the hallway meet up with the wood floor in the kitchen? Even the smallest details can delay your project by weeks if not considered in advance.

With proper planning and a qualified team in place including a LEC, you’re ready to consider some of today’s most popular kitchen trends — the Coffee BarSuper Pantry and Feature Backsplash


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