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Super Pantry



super pantry


Seamless kitchens are on-trend, with integrated finishes and little to no clutter. One of the best ways to achieve this? A super pantry. Today’s pantry is so much more than a generic storage area. With more entertaining happening in the kitchen, the super pantry offers extra prep space and can be large enough for a second set of appliances to assist with food service and entertaining. If this is part of your dream reno, does your plan include all the needed electrical outlets and lighting? Remember: electrical plans can’t be an afterthought to design.


A lighting plan should be developed in the early design stage based on how you plan to use the space. The right ambient lighting will make it easier to locate that last package of quinoa, and task lighting will highlight prep surfaces.

pantry view looking into kitchen

Based on your plan, a Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC) will help you identify the electrical issues you may not have considered. Did you know that pot lights have to be 150 millimetres from combustible materials? Other ceiling lights have to be 300 millimetres from anything flammable. That matters if you plan to store paper or fabric items on open shelves near your ceiling fixtures. And keep in mind, shelving itself can be considered flammable as well.

By addressing electrical needs upfront in the design plans, it will help you complete your reno on time and on budget – and it will save you from having to relocate fixtures later on.


For a traditional setting, add architectural interest by installing crown moulding along the room’s perimeter. A decorative ceiling medallion is an elegant way to draw attention to an important fixture.



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