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ESA Services to Consumers

ESA delivers a range of services to meet its regulatory responsibilities and raise public awareness of electrical safety across the province to protect people and property from serious damage, injury or death. 




ESA provides inspection services to ensure electrical wiring work has been done safely in homes across Ontario.

  • Wiring Inspections – Electrical work in all new construction and renovations must be inspected as required.
  • Inspection Certificates – A personal record confirming that the electrical installation(s) in the home meet the requirements of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.


Record Search & Request for Information

  • Record Search – ESA record searches identify any outstanding notifications associated with a specific site, typically to satisfy a title search for the sale of property. Request for Record Search Application (a fee is applicable).  
  • Request for Information (Freedom of Information Request) – Formal requests for information or access to records in the custody and control of the ESA are reviewed on an individual basis in accordance with our policy to ensure the requestor has a right to access the record. Request for Information Application (fee applicable in most cases).


Product Safety

Electrical Product Safety – The Ontario Electrical Safety Code defines standards for safe electrical products and installations in Ontario, to protect the public, workers, contractors and business owners. When buying electrical products, look for Recognized Marks as an assurance of quality and safety. 


Publications & Reports


Public Awareness

  • Electrical Safety Tips – Awareness is the first line of defense to protect yourself and your property against common electrical hazards. ESA is dedicated to keeping the public safe from electrical shock and fire hazards by sharing practical electrical safety tips. Stay up to date with electrical safety  Flash notices and product Safety alerts.
  • Awareness Campaigns – Electricity brings comfort and modern convenience but safety hazards are present at home, at work and in the community.
  • ESA welcomes all Ontarians to join the conversation on electrical safety on Twitter @homeandsafety and Facebook.