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ACP Membership Application & Declaration


As part of the admission process, Contractors are required to sign a declaration stating that they have read the ACP Contractor Manual, understand their obligations under the Program, understand the scope of work included in the Program verticals they wish to join, and agree to adhere to all Program requirements.

Have you read the ACP Contractor Responsibilities? If not, please do so before continuing with the application process.

Have you reviewed the ACP Contractor Manual to understand the Vertical specific information and become familiar with the types of work that are excluded from ACP? If not, please do so before continuing with the application process.

Please complete the application form in its entirety. Your application for membership will be processed within two weeks of receiving all required documentation at the ACP Office.

HVAC contractors must fax 1-800-248-7667 or scan and e-mail copies of their trade Certificates and business liability insurance to the ACP Office.


Account Numbers

Business Information

ACP Verticals

Please indicate all verticals that you wish to join at this time

Contractor Qualification Data

Please indicate all Certificates of Qualification held by your Company’s full-time employees

Please scan and e-mail copies of the current Certificates of Qualification (one for each category ticked off) and Certificate of Liability Insurance (HVAC only) or fax the copies to 1-800-249-7667.


I am an authorized signing officer of
or I am a partner in, or owner of

I hereby declare that I:

  • have read and understand the Overview of the Authorized Contractor Program
  • have reviewed the ACP Manual and understand its contents
  • understand the rights, responsibilities and obligations associated with membership in the ACP
  • understand the mandatory fees associated with ACP membership
  • understand the limitations to the scope of work for the verticals to which I am making application
  • understand the installation items that are excluded from ACP and must be filed on a separate Application for Inspection
  • will ensure all trade staff are fully trained and will implement due diligence at all job sites to ensure compliance with the OESC
  • will ensure that at least one person from the company attends ESA New Code Training and ensure that all pertinent information is relayed to all other trade staff in the employ of or sub-contracted by the company
  • will file applications for all electrical work in accordance with OESC Rule 2-004;
  • will disclose all details of the electrical work
  • will inform ESA of existing hazards discovered at any work
  • will adhere to all Program requirements and processes
  • understand that I may be suspended from ACP for failure to adhere to Program requirements
  • understand and agree that ESA retains the exclusive right to terminate the ACP program at any time for any reason whatsoever with written notice to the ACP Contractor, and ESA’s sole liability and my exclusive remedy will be a pro-rata refund of any membership fee paid
I agree to all of the above


I carrying on business as

hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless ESA, and its directors and officers, in full in respect of any losses, liabilities, costs or obligations whatsoever on the part of ESA (including legal fees) that arise from any claim, action, suit or proceeding whatsoever brought by any third party in connection with or arising out work done by the ACP Contractor for the performance, or failure to perform, by the ACP Contractor any of its obligations under the ACP program or work associated therewith.

I agree to the above Indemnification
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