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ACP Contractor Responsibilities

ACP Contractor Responsibilities, Obligations and Accountabilities

Membership in ACP carries with it a number of responsibilities, obligations and accountabilities, including but not limited to:

  • Code compliant installations are to be the standard
  • must work within the parameters of the Contractor Licensing Regulation 570/05 and/or the Certificates of Qualification held
  • maintain a current account balance
  • file Notifications for all electrical work as per OESC Rule 2-004
  • file Notifications the next business day for work managed after-hours through the On-Call process
  • disclose all information relating to the electrical installation
  • file a separate Notifications for work that falls outside the parameters of ACP
  • notify the Customer Service Centre (CSC) when each stage of construction is ready for inspection
  • notify the CSC if a scheduled inspection is not ready or is cancelled
  • notify the CSC, in advance, of the pre-arranged outage date set up with the Utility
  • notify the CSC if an outage date is cancelled or re-scheduled
  • correct all defects within 30 days
  • submit a Substation Maintenance Condition Report within 14 days of the work (for High Voltage Substation Maintenance vertical only)
  • report existing hazards discovered on a work site to the ESA immediately
  • ensure safe access to installations
  • arrange access for inspections when requested by ESA
  • notify the ACP Office of any changes to contact information (telephone, fax, mailing address, e-mail address, name of person to contact for ACP matters)


Probationary Period

The first three months of membership in ACP are a probationary period. During this time Contractors receive full ACP benefits, but additional inspections may occur. Failure to meet all Program eligibility criteria or follow the Program requirements during the probationary period will result in removal from ACP with re-application restricted for one year.


Costs Associated with ACP Membership

ACP membership has a number of associated costs to the Contractor

  • Annual membership fee
  • Purchase of OESC Code Book, including Bulletins, upon each release
  • Attendance at ESA New Code Training at each new Code cycle


Criteria to Maintain ACP Membership

There are criteria and requirements that must be met in order to maintain membership in ACP. Please review the Participation Requirements section.

ACP Contractors who fail to meet their obligations under the Program may receive a Warning letter, be temporarily suspended from the Program, or be removed from the Program. If an ACP Contractor is placed on suspension, all Program benefits and privileges are removed for the duration of the suspension.