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ACP Participation Requirements

Contractors must meet a number of criteria to be eligible for ACP membership


  • hold a valid ECRA/ESA Electrical Contractor’s License; HVAC installers must hold valid trade licenses or certificates for the scope of work done and the company must have $2M in business liability insurance
  • have filed a minimum of 20 Notifications  in the previous 12 months; inspections must be completed on at least 20 sites to provide sufficient performance information
  • have a defect ratio of ≤ 4%
  • have a current account balance
  • have filed Notifications for all electrical work
  • have obtained connection authorizations from ESA as applicable
  • have completed Code training for the OESC in effect
  • submit an ACP application form and signed declaration


Contractors must meet a number of criteria, on an ongoing basis, to maintain ACP membership


NOTE: ESA is extending the timeframe for Authorized Contractor Program (ACP) contractors to file the minimum 20 Notifications. Effective March 1 2017, an ACP contractor can file a minimum of 20 Notifications in 18 months to remain on ACP. This is an extension of the current ACP rule which states that an ACP Contractor must file a minimum of 20 Notifications in 12 months to remain on ACP. 

ESA made this change in response to feedback from contractors.  This change will assist smaller contractors and contractors who have several larger jobs in a year to maintain their ACP membership, provided they maintain a defect ratio of 4% or less.

ACP eligibility requirements remain the same. 


  • successfully complete a 3-month probationary period
  • file a minimum of 20 Notifications over a rolling 12 month window (18 months effective March 1, 2017)
  • defect ratio must not exceed 4%
  • maintain a current account balance
  • file Notifications for all electrical work
  • obtain connection authorizations from ESA as applicable
  • attend New Code training in conjunction with each new OESC release
  • follow all Authorized Contractor Program processes as outlined in the ACP Manual


Certificate of Qualification Requirements

To be an Authorized Contractor Program participant you must hold the appropriate Certificate(s) of Qualification as required by the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act for the work to be performed.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) vertical:

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic – 313A
  • Gas Fitter Technician – G1 or 2
  • Oil Burner Technician – OBT1 or 2
  • Plumber – 306A


Residential vertical:

  • Electrician’s Certificate – 309A, C, D or E


Commercial/Industrial vertical:

  • Electrician’s Certificate – 309A or D


Pole Line Maintenance vertical:

  • Electrician’s Certificate – 309A or D
  • Powerline Technician – 434A


Substation Maintenance vertical:

  • Electrician’s Certificate – 309A or D
  • Powerline Technician - 434A
  • Certified Engineering Technologist (recognized by OACETT)
  • Professional Electrical Engineer


ACP Contractor Manual

The ACP Contractor Manual details the scope of work eligible for ACP, and the rights and responsibilities of ACP Contractors. It is important that Contractors wishing to join ACP read the Manual in its entirety to ensure they understand the details of the specific ACP verticals, the responsibilities and obligations associated with membership, and the possible outcomes if Program requirements are not met. If you have any questions about any of the information in the ACP Manual, please contact the ACP Office for clarification.


ACP Newsletter

The ACP Office periodically issues a Newsletter that contains important information about changes to the Program. Newsletters are sent by e-mail or fax. It is important that ACP Contractors immediately advise the ACP Office of any changes to contact information (telephone, fax, mailing address, e-mail address).