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Sample Bulletins List

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2-3-* An application for inspection not required

2-7-* Approval of Electrical Equipment

2-10-* Electrical equipment near combustible gas equipment

2-11-* Plans and Specifications

2-16-* Appeals under the OESC process

2-21-* Electrical Installations that are not compliant with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code

2-27-* Solar powered LED luminaires, signs and flashers

4-5-* Identification and coloring of insulated conductors and cables

6-7-* Hot Splitters/ Tapping existing services

6-9-* Attachment of overhead service conductors

8-6-* Voltage drop in dwelling units

10-10-* Grounding of generators connected via transfer equipment

10-14-* Equipotential Bonding of non-electrical equipment

10-17-* Installation of grounding conductors and grounding electrodes

10-22-* Requirements for converting a delta service to a grounded wye service

10-23-* Grounding & bonding in farms

12-19-* Non-Metallic-Sheathed Cables (NMSC) wiring methods

18-1-* Classification of Hazardous Locations

24-2-* Classification of patient care areas

26-18-* Arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) in a dwelling unit

26-23-* Receptacle requirements in kitchens of dwelling units

26-29-* Electrical replacement and/or alterations in dwelling units

64-1-* Connection of utility-interactive inverters on the load side of the service disconnecting means

64-2-* Grounding and Bonding of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

64-3-* Voltage rating of a photovoltaic source circuit

64-4-* Wiring Methods for Solar Photovoltaic Systems

64-5-* Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

64-6-* PV Rapid Shutdown

68-7-* Swimming pool, hot tub and spa installations

84-1-* Interconnection of electric power production sources