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ESA Inspection Requirements


New Home Construction
Electrical installations in a new house must be inspected and authorized prior to connection to the Utility electricity distribution system. Residential inspections involve a number of visits at various stages, including:

  1. inspection of underground wiring – if required
  2. inspection of wiring to the meter, the main disconnect means (for example fuses or breakers) and inspection of grounding to service
  3. inspection of all electrical wiring prior to the installation of drywall and insulation
  4. final inspection to ensure there is no open wiring

Renovations/Additions and Alterations

Any change to the original wiring including repair and replacement of electrical devices. Electrical inspections are required for all electrical work (new installations and modifications). ESA will provide information on inspection requirements for the work being done.

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Industrial/Commercial/Institutional and Agricultural

New Construction, Renovations, And Electrical Maintenance Work

New construction refers to electrical installations creating new business facilities – requiring initial connection to the Utility electricity distribution system.

Renovation/Additions and Alteration refer to modifications to existing electrical installations and equipment. Electrical maintenance work refers to electrical installation work of a routine nature in connection with the maintenance or operation of a building or plant – this requirement can be satisfied through a Continuous Safety Service Contract.

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Roadway/Traffic Lights And Signals

New Installations And Electrical Maintenance Work

  • The Ontario Electrical Safety Code, section 2-004 requires that an "Application for Inspection" be filed with the Electrical Safety Authority before or within 48 hours after the commencement of work.
  • Electrical Inspections are required for all new electrical work/installations as well as for the maintenance of existing electrical installations.

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Certain types of electrical wiring work are non-regulatory services offered by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). More information about these services...