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 Flash  Title/Description
18-02-FL Electrical Safety Authority Warns of Fire and Shock Hazards Associated with Cheater Cords
18-01-FL Electrical Safety Authority Warns of Unsafe Use of Electrical Equipment to Manufacture Lichtenberg Generators
17-03-FL Manual motor controllers used as a disconnecting means
17-02-FL The Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management and the Electrical Safety Authority warn of safety issues associated with electric saunas
17-01-FL Electrician Suffers Serious Burns from Arc Flash
16-30-FL Aluminum wiring in residential installations
16-29-FL Potential Electrical Fire Hazards when Utilizing Electric Welders to Thaw Frozen Water Pipes
16-28-FL Replacement of existing kitchen counter split receptacles with GFCI type receptacles
16-27-FL Use of Temporary Portable Generators (NEW)
16-26-FL Potential Electrical Hazards Associated with the Replacement of Water Meters or Water Mains 
16-25-FL Electronic Ballast Inrush Current Causing Switch Failures
16-24-FL Polarity identification for photovoltaic dc system conductors
16-23-FL Installation of Communication Wiring around Electrical Equipment
16-22-FL Electrical Shock Hazards associated with older fuse panels
16-21-FL Damage to Underground Conductors during Excavation-Customer Owned Services
16-20-FL Electric In-Floor Heating System Installations
16-19-FL Hazards due to misuse of extension cords
16-18-FL 33% of Residential fires link to electrical wiring and equipment
16-17-FL Overhead powerline fatalities
16-16-FL Knob and tube wiring in residential installations
16-14-FL Delta to Wye system conversions
16-13-FL Student receives burns while operating a key-type lighting switch
16-12-FL Unapproved electrical animal stunners
16-11-FL Wiring of T-8 lighting
16-10-FL Death of a 14-year-old boy from electrocution
16-09-FL Electrical shock and fire hazard safety tips for students and parents
16-08-FL Electrical hazards found at sports fields
16-07-FL Communication Grounding Hardware and Conductors to Meterbase Enclosures
16-06-FL Fire investigation into high-rise apartment fire
16-05-FL Hazards of electrical panels and equipment
16-04-FL Electrician narrowly escapes serious injury
16-03-FL Test for voltage before you work – It could save your life
16-02-FL Dangers associated with gasoline spraying and incandescent extension handlamps (incandescent trouble light)
16-01-FL Hazards in electrical rooms put people and property at risk