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Master Electrician Examination

The Master Electrician Examination is only offered through the Electrical Safety Authority.
Prior to signing up for the examination, review the MASTER ELECTRICIAN LICENCE REQUIREMENTS. Passing the examination is only one of the necessary requirements to obtain a Master Electrician Licence.

The Master Electrician Examination is now being offered in an electronic format!
Results will be issued within 24 hours!!

The exam content has not changed, just the means of delivering the exam. Exams will be offered in a computer lab setting and will remain open book (bring your own books). User name and passwords will be provided at the exam session.


  • What do you mean by a computer lab setting? Exams will be conducted at venues with computers and software to complete the test.
  • What do you mean by electronic format? Exams will be available through a secure online website at the dedicated venues.
  • Will the exam be proctored? Yes, it will remain proctored by ESA.
  • Has the time limit to complete the exam changed? No, it will remain at 3 hours.
  • Will there be a copy of the OESC or any other relevant legislation on the computer? No, only the exam will be offered on the computer. Bring your books.
  • Can I bring my own laptop to the venue? No, you must use one of the dedicated computers provided.
  • Has the cost of the exam changed? No, it remains the same.
  • Are there still paper exams offered? Yes, during the transition time.
  • How do I know which exam on the schedule is the electronic exam? The schedule will indicate which one is.


Master Electrician Examination Schedule
Master Electrician Examination Application Form

Master Electrician Examination Reference Material book2015 Master Electrician Examination Reference Material

This book contains legislation relevant to electrical contracting and is permitted to be used during the Master Electrician Examination. It has been formatted to compliment the Pre-Master Electrician Training Course and Master Electrician Exam.

You can download this document for FREE or purchase a hard copy for $63 plus HST. To purchase, simply request this book when registering for the Master Electrician Exam. If you are already registered in an exam and would like to purchase a book, please email a request to





Master Electrician Examination Information PackageMaster Electrician Examination Information Package & Application form – FRENCH Exam Transfer Request Form

Interpreter Attendance Request FormPre-Master Electrician Training Course

ESA offers Pre-Master Electrician Preparatory Training Courses across Ontario.  The Pre-Master Electrician Preparatory Training Course is designed to assist those preparing to write the qualifying Master Electrician Examination. There are 3 different training options for completing this course.  Click here for more information.

This course is not a prerequisite for the Master Electrician Examination, however, applicants that fail the Master Electrician Examination two (2) times will be subject to review, and may not be permitted to write again unless the applicant has participated in a Pre-Master Electrician training course or other related course.

Pre-Master Electrician Course & Master Electrician Exam FAQ's