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ESA Plan Review Requirements

Rule 2-010 of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code contains the requirements for the submittal of plans to ESA’s Plan Review Department.

Requirements for plan submittal

Electrical work on any electrical installation shall not commence, until plans have been submitted and examined by the Inspection Department where the electrical installation involves:

  1. a three phase consumer service or stand by generation, equal to or in excess of 400 Amp circuit capacity;
  2. a single-phase consumer service or stand by generation equal to or in excess of 600 Amp;
  3. a feeder greater than 1000 amp;
  4. any installations involving consumer owned electric power generating equipment, with a rating in excess of 10 kW (Micro Size) as defined by the OEB, and operating in parallel with a supply authority system; or
  5. any installation operating in excess of 750 volts, excluding
          • installations of pole lines exclusively within the scope of Section 75; or
          • that portion of an underground installation between a supply authority owned transformer and the related supply authority owned switch; or (iii) like for like replacements as described in Rule 2-010


For more information, please see Plan Review Bulletin 2-11-*