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Submiting a Plan Review

The following will provide an overview of the plan review process and how to submit a plan review.

Plan Review is a general review and audit of a set of plans for a specific project, submitted for review as per the requirements of Rule 2-010 of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. The reviewing of a project plans does not imply that ALL portions of drawings have been reviewed for compliance. This review does not relieve the applicant from his/her responsibility to comply with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code requirements for all aspects of the project. All electrical work requires a Certificate of Inspection from the Electrical Safety Authority, which can only be issued by an ESA field inspector.

Once the Plan Review is complete, up until the time the project is underway, you may still contact the Plan Review department for clarification on issues regarding the project. Once the project is underway, you are required to contact the local field inspector as they have the authority to accept or reject your changes.

For multi phase projects, the following should be followed. If your intent is to have a multi phase project, but have the plan review completed for the entire project, then submit all drawings in one submission. Where the intent is to have each individual phase as a separate project, then each phase must be submitted independently. Each independent submission must be complete and not reliant on a previous submission for information. For a project that involves multiple designers/engineers, and the project is to be completed at one time, the entire project must be submitted by one company and that one company shall be responsible for the entire submission.

The following are the general requirements for filing a plan review:

  1. Obtain a copy of the Plan Review submittal form. It is available here or by request to the plan review department.
  2. If project involves a Ground Potential Rise Study (GPR) than you must also obtain a copy of the GPR submittal form. Find the form here or request it from the Plan Review department.
  3. Complete the submittal form and if applicable the GPR submittal form. These forms must be completed as per their instructions. If they are not complete your submission will not be registered or reviewed.
  4. The submittal form is broken into 2 pages:
          • Page 1 contains information specific to the project and must be completed in its entirety.
          • Page 2 is a checklist to ensure the proper drawings are included. The first item is a single line diagram -- there must be a single line diagram included in every submission. The remainder of page 2 is used to indicate the project type. For example, if the project was a new health care facility with its own stand by generation, you would complete and include the information from the following sections: New Construction, Stand by Generators and Life Safety Loads and   Health Care Facilities.
  5. The complete package must be sent to the plan review office by one of the following methods: in person, by courier, by email or by fax. Please see the requirements for each of these methods of submittal. If you are unable to retrieve this information please contact the Plan Review Department at 519-624-3564 and they will gladly to provide it to you.