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Pre-Master Electrician Training Course

The Pre-Master Electrician Course has been designed to expand the knowledge and skills of electricians, and assist electricians and other persons who are qualified to be licensed (P.Eng, CET, C-Tech), in preparing to write the Master Electrician Examination.

 Details of ESA’s 2018 Pre-Master Electrician Course Coming Soon! 


The course is divided into 12 Modules and references specific sections of Ontario’s Electrical Safety Code, the Building Code, other pertinent legislation, electrical calculations, and trade and business practices. Currently, the content of the pre-masters training course reflects the Ontario Electrical Safety Code 26th Edition 2015 as well as safety, business and legislative components.

Steps to register for the Pre-Master Electrician Course and Master Electrician Examination

Step 1: Passing the Master Electrician Examination is only one of the necessary requirements to obtain a Master Electrician Licence. If you are taking this course to prepare you for the Master Electrician Examination, click here to review the Master Electrician Licence requirements. If not, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Select a Pre-Master Electrician Training Course to attend.

Step 3: Register for the course by completing the Course Registration Form below or contact 1-877-ESA-SAFE (372-7233).

Course Registration Form (PDF)

Course Registration Form (Word)

This course is not a prerequisite for the Master Electrician Examination. However, statistics show that those that take the course, and study, typically do well on the examination.

Step 4: Registering for the Master Electrician Examination. The Master Electrician Examination is only offered through the Electrical Safety Authority.

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Step 5: Apply to write the Master Electrician Examination.  Fax or mail to address or fax number provided on application (with payment and proof of required experience) a completed “Master Electrician Examination Application Form”. Click here for the “Master Electrician Examination Application Form”.

The objective of the Master Electrician Examination is to test an individual’s knowledge of the laws, rules and regulations governing the installations and repair of electrical equipment and material and the supervision of such work. Further information regarding the Master Electrician Examination can be found at

For more information, please contact the Electrical Safety Authority's Customer Service Centre at 1-877-esa-safe (1-877-372-7233).


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