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AFCI Nuisance Tripping Reporting Information

AFCI Nuisance Tripping Can Be More Than Just a Nuisance ESA and Electro Federation Canada Want to Help Address It

The issue of nuisance tripping has caused frustration for contractors and homeowners alike. And addressing it can be costly and time-sensitive for you as a contractor. ESA and Electro Federation Canada (EFC) want to help fix that. When you are made aware of an incident where an AFCI has experienced a nuisance trip please report it to EFC. EFC will inform the appropriate manufacturers and manufacturers will follow up directly with the Licenced Electrical Contractor that filed the report.

Please include the following information in your report and email it to with the subject line “AFCI tripping.”

Equipment that appears to be causing the AFCI tripping (may be more than one)

1. Manufacturer:

2. Model:

3. Serial Number:



1. Manufacturer:

2. Model:

3. Serial Number:

4. Length of run Meters or feet

5. Complete address where AFCI is installed:

6. Licenced Electrical Contractor Contact Information:

a. Name:

b. Company:

c. Phone:

d. Email:


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information for reporting afci trips