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Public Consultation – Proposed changes to the 2012 Ontario amendments

ESA has consulted with Stakeholders to gather comments and feedback on the proposed changes to the 2012 Ontario amendments.

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The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is designated by Ontario Regulation 89/99 as the responsible authority for purposes of section 113 of the Electricity Act, 1998 and regulations made there under. Ontario Regulation 164/99 as amended by Ontario Regulation 453/08 adopts, by reference, the Canadian Electrical Code and specific Ontario amendments.  This document is referred to as the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC).

The OESC is law in Ontario, and as such defines the legal requirements for safe electrical installations and products/equipment. It is primarily a technical document that describes the standards for electrical installations in detail.

The OESC consists of the Canadian Electrical Code Part I (CEC) and Ontario amendments. The CEC is developed through the efforts of a number of committees representing electrical expertise and knowledge from across Canada and the U.S. The Ontario amendments are supported by the Ontario Provincial Code Committee which is comprised of safety partners, industry representatives, electrical manufacturers, and standards associations.

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Public Consultations
The public consultation period is now over. ESA appreciates your effort to provide input through this public consultation. We would like to thank-you for taking the time to review the Ontario Amendments and for providing your comments and feedback.


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ESA Feedback
The proposed amendments will clarify the current Ontario amendments and assist our safety partners and stakeholders in complying with the Code requirements. Comments submitted as part of the consultation process have been reviewed and taken into consideration.


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