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2017 Wiring Fee Adjustment Consultation

Every year ESA reviews wiring fees to determine whether an increase and/or fee adjustments are required.  This process includes financial analysis, forecasting, and collecting stakeholder input through advisory councils and an open public consultation.

ESA reviewed all the feedback received as well as its financial outlook based on the year-to-date activity. 

Based on all that input and mindful of the impact of fee adjustments on stakeholders, ESA is not going to increase wiring fees overall in 2017.

We will be making adjustments to two fee calculations:

  1. clarifying the Fee Guide to make clearer the difference between nursing homes and long term care facilities vs. retirement residences. This is not a fee change but a clarification of wording to better ensure that facilities are appropriately categorized.
  2. adjusting fees for residential generators with a transfer switch. For installations where a second inspection visit will be required, the higher fee will be established upfront rather than a second inspection fee being incurred later.

These two changes will come into effect on Friday February 3rd, 2017.

Consultation Materials:

Consultation Document - 2017 Wiring Fees 

ESA received questions regarding Proposed Change #1: An adjustment to Section 4.1.3 of the Fee Guide “Apartment Building and Retirement/Nursing Home”.  ESA provided the Addendum below to offer the industry clarification and further explanation of this fee.

2017 Wiring Fees - Retirement Home Long Term Care Home Fee Addendum