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2020 RBO & Wiring Fees

RBO & Wiring Fees

ESA recently held a stakeholder consultation on wiring fees under Risk-based Oversight (RBO) and other updates to fees charged for notifications to do work under the Ontario Electrical Safety Code when RBO goes live in early 2020.  

ESA is not increasing existing fees as published in its fee guide.

The consultation ran from June 5, 2019 to July 5, 2019. The feedback received and ESA’s response can be found in the document below.

2020 RBO Fees and Fee Guide Consultation - Stakeholder Feedback and ESA Response

ESA is now taking this feedback into account while considering final RBO and wiring fee updates. Stakeholders will be notified of final fees well in advance of a 2020 implementation date.

ESA truly appreciates the interest and engagement of our stakeholders. We sincerely thank all the individuals and organizations for providing feedback.



ESA produced a simple and clear document to explain the planned updates and the rationale for each. ESA has also provided a “redline” version of the fee guide, so you are able to see what the updated 2020 fee guide could look like.

Consultation Document - 2020 Wiring Fees

2020 Fee Guide - "Redline" Version

Consultation closed on Friday July 5, 2019.

Any personal information you provided in this consultation process is subject to ESA’s Privacy Policy. The information will be used to assist us in conducting and evaluating the results of the consultation, which may involve disclosing your comments to other participants, institutions and interested parties during and after the consultation. Your name will not be disclosed without your consent.

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