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Exploring an Amendment to the Electrical Distribution Safety Regulation, Ontario Regulation 22/04

Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) thanks you for submitting feedback to our recent public consultation on Exploring an Amendment to the Electrical Distribution Safety Regulation, Ontario Regulation 22/04 made under the Electricity Act, 1998.

All comments received are in the document below. Personal information has been removed.

Stakeholder Feedback: Exploring an Amendment to the Electrical Distribution Safety Regulation

ESA understands there is a need for clarification in a number of areas related to O. Reg 22/04, Section 12, Condition of an approval: reporting of serious electrical incidents. ESA is working with a subcommittee of the Utility Advisory Committee to revise our existing guideline on section 12 of O.Reg 22/04.  ESA will seek to clarify requirements under section 12 of O.Reg 22/04 through this guideline.

All stakeholder feedback will be carefully considered by ESA as we finalize our recommended proposal to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS).  ESA will submit all stakeholder comments and recommendations to MGCS as part of this proposal.  MGCS will consider ESA’s recommendation and determine whether to proceed with amendments to the regulation.  Typically, this process would include an additional public consultation through the Ontario Regulatory Registry.  This Registry includes information on New proposed regulatory initiatives that could affect Ontario businesses  As set out in Ontario’s Regulatory Policy, proposed regulatory amendments or new regulations that are considered to affect business are required to be posted for consultation purposes on the government’s Regulatory Registry for a mandatory 45-day minimum time period.

We hope that the local distribution community and our safety partners view these proposals as an opportunity to improve process efficiencies and detection capabilities that will enhance an understanding of why serious electrical incidents occur within the electrical safety system.  This will allow all of us in the electrical community to make more informed decisions on how to respond to serious electrical incidents involving utility assets and to create opportunities for prevention strategies.