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Five-Year Corporate Strategy 2021-2025

ESA held a public consultation on the organization’s next five-year strategy: 2021-2025. The consultation provided a backgrounder on the new strategy and how it was developed, a one-page infographic of the proposed strategy for the coming five years, specific questions on the strategy, and a form to provide answers to these questions.

The consultation ran from July 9, 2019 to August 9, 2019. ESA sought feedback on ESA’s new purpose statement, a new strategic pillar and a conceptual tool named the “harm lifecycle” for prioritizing electrical related harms. ESA received over 30 comments from 23 respondents that included licensed electrical contractors (LECs), Master Electricians (MEs), LDCs, representatives from other regulatory authorities and product manufacturers. In large part, the comments received were encouraging, optimistic and positive about ESA’s outlook and direction for the next five years.

We have grouped the comments and response in to three major themes and corresponding response. The themes are:

    1. Commitment to Ontario Regulation 22/04
    2. Improving Communication with Licensed Electrical Contractors; and
    3. Clarity of Strategic Plan
Commitment to Ontario Regulation 22/04
Comment (Theme) ESA Response
ESA may be losing sight of its commitment to Ontario Regulation 22/04 for Electrical Distribution Safety, and focussing solely on licensed electrical contractors and the underground economy ESA assures the Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) that ESA’s efforts will remain constant and that the focus on Regulation 22/04 has not been lost.  The partnerships between ESA, the LDCs and industry associations is more important than ever.  ESA will continue to build on these partnerships for many years to come.


Improving Communication with Licensed Electrical Contractors
Comment (Theme) ESA Response
Tactical suggestions regarding how ESA operationalizes communications with contractors and the quality of inspections.  For example, ESA received a suggestion that inspectors text contractors to advise if they are attending an inspection.  ESA will review and consider these practical suggestions when developing specific activity plans for each of the pillars within the strategy


Clarity of Strategic Plan
Comment (Theme) ESA Response
Clarify the purpose statement, the pillars and the harm lifecycle.  There is an opportunity for ESA to update the document so it considers those who are less familiar with ESA.  These comments are all valuable and ESA is considering how to edit the documentation to incorporate them. 

ESA truly appreciates the interest and engagement of our stakeholders. We sincerely thank all the individuals and organizations for providing these valuable contributions to ESA’s next five-year strategy.


Consultation Backgrounder

Consultation Survey

Infographic - An overview of view ESA's Five Year Strategic Plan

ESA's Five Year Strategic Plan

Any personal information you might provide in this consultation process is subject to ESA’s Privacy Policy. The information will be used to assist us in conducting and evaluating the results of the consultation, which may involve disclosing your comments to other participants, institutions and interested parties during and after the consultation. Your name will not be disclosed without your consent.