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Public Consultation - Proposed Changes to Wiring and Licensing Fees 


The Electrical Safety Authority has undertaken a review of proposed increases to wiring service fees and licensing fees.  The consultation and communication process occurred in four major stages:

  • February – June, 2012
    Financial review and discussion with the members of ESA’s Contractor Advisory Council, Electrical Contractor Registry Agency (ECRA) Council, and Consumer Advisory Council.  Feedback from these rounds of discussion contributed to the development of the proposed fee changes.
  • June 28 – August 6, 2012
    Public comment period on the proposed fee changes.  The consultation was hosted on the ESA web site.  The opening of the comment period was communicated directly to the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO) and the Ontario Electrical League (OEL), and to other stakeholders, as well as flagged in ESA’s Plugged Innewsletter, and on the front page of the ESA web site.  Eleven comments (representing individuals and groups) were submitted during the comment period, and an additional two received shortly after.
  • August – September, 2012 
    Final determination of fees after review and consideration of stakeholder feedback by management and Board, as well as review of process by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.  
  • October, 2012
    Start of formal notification of final fee adjustments to stakeholders at least 60 days prior to implementation.

After careful consideration and weighing of all factors and feedback, ESA will be proceeding with the following fee changes.  Formal notification and details will be provided directly to electrical contractors and other impacted stakeholders no less than 60 days prior to the effective dates:

  • Wiring fees: an average 3 per cent increase based on the current fee book in January, 2013 and January, 2014;
  • Master Electrician Licence annual fee: from $75 to $80, effective April, 2013;
  • Licensed Electrical Contractor annual fee:  from $365 to $395, effective April, 2013.
  • Master Electrician exam fee:  from $128 to $137, effective April, 2013.

For further information on the consultation process and outcomes, see the following:

For more information on ESA’s use of wiring and licensing fees, see the Summary Report to the Electrical Contracting Community for Fiscal Year 2012.

For questions or comments on this item, please contact Nancy Evans, Vice President, Communications & Stakeholder Relations