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Electrical Contractor Convictions

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has a mandate to enhance electrical safety in Ontario. One of regulations that ESA is responsible for is the Contractor Licensing and Master Electrician Regulation (570/05). ESA utilizes many approaches to encourage compliance regulation including prosecution. As a means of deterrent and to notify the public of prosecutions, ESA lists convictions of unlicensed contractors and recent convictions of Licensed Electrical Contractors on our website.

Unlicensed Contractors

ESA uses Enforcement measures against unlicensed contractors, actions range from notices of violation, cost recovery fees and/or prosecutions in Provincial Offences Court. Charges can include performing or offering electrical work without an electrical contractor licence, permitting an unauthorized individual to do electrical work and other offences related to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. For a listing of convictions of unlicensed contractors, please visit the link below:

Unlicensed Contractor Convictions 

Licensed Electrical Contractors

ESA uses Discipline measures against Licensed Electrical Contractors and Master Electricians, potential actions include warnings, conditions or limitations on a licence, suspension or revocation of a licence and /or prosecution in Provincial Offences Court. For a listing of Licensed Electrical Contractors that have been convicted, view the link below:

Licensed Electrical Contractor Convictions

In an effort to increase electrical safety, ESA works with other like-minded agencies to strive towards compliance. If you have a complaint against a contractor, please visit the following page: 

Submit a Complaint


NOTE: Any fines resulting from a conviction are set and collected by the Ontario Courts.