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  1. Will I automatically receive my renewal for the ECRA/ESA Licence when it expires?

    Yes, while ESA makes every effort to send your renewal out 90 days in advance of the day that it expires as well as a Reminder Notice 30 days in advance of the day that the licence expires, it is the licence holder’s responsibility to renew their licence(s) on time.

  2. What documents do I need to send with my ME/EC licence renewal form?
    1. All three pages of each licence renewal form must be returned.
    2. A copy of a valid Certificate of Qualification, Professional Engineers Licence or a valid OACETT registration, as applicable.
    3. A copy of your renewed insurance certificate (Insurance Binders are unacceptable).
    4. An explanation must be given if you have answered “Yes” to the questions under the “Statement of Fact” section.
    5. Payment for the licence as indicated on the renewal forms.  Your licence fees cannot be paid through your ESA Account. 
    6. Any updates or changes to your licensing information.
  3. In addition, if your prospective Master Electrician has not yet obtained their Master Electrician’s licence, but has written and passed the exam, please have them complete the Master Electrician Application form as well as the Notice of Change to Information: Designated Master Electrician.  Please submit these two forms with your Provisional Electrical Contractor Licence Renewal so we may process the change all at once.

  4. The disclaimer on your forms reads: by submitting personal information to the Electrical Safety Authority, or its agents and service providers, you agree that ESA may collect, use and disclose such personal information in accordance with its privacy policy, applicable laws or pursuant to our administrative agreement with the province of Ontario. Does this mean that ESA provides information to other organizations as a "calling list" or so that others can use the information at their disposal?

    No, ESA does not provide information to third parties for the purpose of soliciting. The information gathered is only used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and for the purpose of verifying its validity with the organizations it is issued by.

  5. Can I renew my Master Electrician and/or Electrical Contractor’s Licence(s) over the phone?

    No.  You must complete the renewal form(s) and attach the requested documents with payment in order to renew your licence.  Please forward them to the address shown on the header of the form(s) thirty days before the actual expiration date of the licence.  This process ensures your renewal will be completed in an efficient and timely manner.

  6. Why do I have two licence numbers?

    If you have a licence issued under a seven digit number that begins with a 6 (ie 6999999), this is your Master Electrician licence number.  The Master Electrician (ME) Licence is issued to individuals who have met the ME requirements.  The ME Licence is a requirement for an individual who wants to be the designated ME for an electrical contracting company.


    If you have a licence issued under a seven digit number that begins with a 7 (ie 7999999), this is your Electrical Contractor Licence number.  The Electrical Contractor Licence is issued to a company that is permitted to engage in performing electrical contracting work in Ontario.