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  1. How can I find out where and when the Pre-master Electrician Courses and Master Electrician Exams are taking place? 

    The Master Electrician Exam and Training Schedules are available via the links below:

    Master Electrician Exam Schedule

    Training Schedule

  2. Can I write my Master Electrician’s exam before I have met the three year (C of Q, PENG, CET or CTECH) requirement? 

    No. You are not allowed to write the Master Electrician exam until you have fulfilled the 3 year experience requirement under the appropriate Certificate of Qualification, Professional Engineers licence or as a Certified Engineering Technologist or Engineering Technician.  The three years is calculated three years from the date of issuance of your licence or certification.

  3. Can I bring an Interpreter to the Exam?

    Language Interpreter Service (LIS) is the only approved provider of Interpreters for the Master Electrician Exam. LIS was established by immigrant service agencies across Ontario in cooperation with the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, to provide fully qualified trained interpreters. Please contact the Licensing Department in Provincial Office at 905-712-5385 to set up an exam date, and then contact LIS to organize an Interpreter. For a listing of the office in your area, please see the LIS Interpreter contact list on the second page of the “Master Electrician Exam Notice of Interpreter Attendance” document. See link below. 

    Interpreter Attendance Request Form for Master Electrician Examination (attachment)

    In the event that an individual requires an Interpreter during the Master Electrician Exam, they must fax the “Master Electrician Exam Notice of Interpreter Attendance” form 10 business days prior to the exam date for approval. Scheduling and Fees associated in organizing an interpreter are at the expense of the requesting individual.

  4. Can I receive my Master Electrician exam results by telephone? 

    No, to maintain privacy, exam results will not be provided over the telephone. Exam results are mailed/emailed out approximately 15 business days after the exam is received by the Licensing department.

  5. Does ESA provide a T2202 Tax Receipt for the Pre-Master Electrician course? 

    Canada Customs and Revenue Agency stipulates that the program must be taken at a designated educational institution, such as a university or college, or at an institution certified by the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD). The ESA does not fall into any of these categories at this time.

  6. Can I make notes in my codebook?

    It is permitted to make notes in the codebook that expand on concepts or words which may not be understood. It is not permitted to add notes that are not relevant to the material covered in the codebook.

  7. I have a learning disability and need assistance, can someone help me?

    Yes, in the event that that an individual requires assistance due to a learning disability, assistance can be provided.  You must provide proof of the disability (ie doctor’s note).  Please contact the Licensing Department in Provincial Office at 905-712-5385 to make accommodations.

  8. Is the Pre-Master Electrician Course a prerequisite for the Master Electrician Exam?

    No, however, applicants that fail the Master Electrician Examination two (2) times will be subject to review, and may not be permitted to write again unless the applicant has participated in a Pre-Master Electrician Course or other related course.

  9. What can I bring to the exam?


    1. Ontario Electrical Safety Code 26th Edition / 2015 (no photocopies)
    2. Relevant Legislation as it relates to electrical contracting (this can include printed e-laws, the Master Electrician Examination Reference book, etc. Workbooks are not permitted.)
    3. Calculator
    4. Pencil