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Distributor Scorecard

The Public Safety Scorecard -- Instructional Document for LDCs provides insight into the Component B and Component C, of the Public Safety metric.

Component B – Compliance with Ontario Regulation 22/04

Audit, Declaration of Compliance, Due Diligence Inspections, Public Safety Concerns and Compliance Investigations make up Component B. All the elements are evaluated as a whole and determine the status of compliance (Non-Compliant, Needs Improvement, or Compliant) in regards to the Public Safety Metric for the Public Safety Scorecard. 

Component C – Serious Electrical Incident Index

“Serious electrical incidents”, as defined by Regulation 22/04, make up Component C. The metric details the number of and rate of “serious electrical incidents” occurring on a distributor’s assets and is normalized per 10, 100 or 1,000 km of line (10km for total lines fewer than 100km, 1000km for total lines over 1000km, and 100km for all the others).


For more information on Electricity Distributor Scorecards, visit the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) website.