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Public Electrical Safety

The campaign materials included below can help LDCs raise awareness of powerline safety within their service territories and improve public electrical safety.

ladder touching powerline

  • Still images – web carousels, social media or other customer communications
  • Powerline safety tips – for web content or customer newsletter articles
  • Bill insert, poster  and ad material – artwork provided for sizing and co-branding
  • Social media content – tweets, posts, memes
  • Television ads – for website linking and co-branding
  • Radio scripts – for local announcer-read promotion

Webinar: LDC Scorecard – Public Awareness of Electrical Safety and 2016 Powerline Safety Campaign – January 21, 2016

Presentation 1 -- LDC Scorecard – Public Awareness of Electrical Safety Survey 

Presentation 2 -- 2016 Powerline Safety Campaign

Webinar Q&A's